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Joining HIR is simple and membership has its benefits.

What HIR Can Do For You

HIR strengthens your management team, human resources department, and supervisors by providing on-demand labour relations expertise. Imagine having a set low cost to:

Prevent small employee issue become big issues
Represent your business at arbitrations
Assist at grievance meetings
Lead collective bargaining
And so much more!

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Member Benefits

Collective Bargaining

Leading collective bargaining for you is included in your membership.


Representing our members at arbitration is a core service.


We support our members by preparing for and participating in mediation sessions.


Grievance meetings, labour management meetings and more – we support our members.

Membership Costs

Since HIR is a non-profit society with a wide membership base, the cost of membership is significantly less when compared to management consultant and legal fees.

The funding of HIR is provided solely by its membership and is levied by way of dues calculated on the basis of hours worked by bargaining unit employees. As a result of the significant decline in hours worked in the industry in 2020 changes have been made for calculating dues starting in January 2021. The minimum dues per month is $100.00 (plus GST) and the maximum is $1143.00 (plus GST). Please contact us for further information on our dues structure.

Areas Served

Who Can Join

HIR encourages new members from a wide spectrum of the hospitality and recreation industries. Members include large hotels, small motels, recreation facilities of all sizes, member driven service clubs, pubs, liquor stores, golf courses and more. We deal with over a dozen different unions in every corner of the province. Contact us today to find out if HIR can enhance the labour relations in your workplace.

  • Recreation Facilties
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Liquor Stores
  • Golf Courses
  • Pubs/Clubs

What Our Members Say

"Having worked with Kevin & Dorothy at HIR BC through some stressful times with a union, we found them to be very professional and a wonderful source of experience and knowledge when we needed it.

With their help, we were able to handle our HR related matters to conclusion with favourable results. It was a true pleasure to be part of the HIR BC team."

Sid Harrison


RCL Branch #30

"Even though I have a strong management background, HIR was of great help at the first unionized property I was responsible for. What could have been difficult issues were made much easier with the experienced labour relations pros at HIR."

Morgan Chatry

VP of Product Development & Operations

Inntimate Inns

"With the vast field of HR, and continued change of legislation, there is no better solution than partnering with HIR. Their HR expertise fills the void that might otherwise require an in-house HR department. From daily operations, staffing, and, in particular, union negotiations, HIR has provided, on numerous occasions, excellent solutions to numerous challenges.

During our union negotiations, HIR was instrumental in moving the negotiations forward and ensuring a mutually beneficial result. It is a pleasure to work with such a valued group of people and I would recommend HIR to any hospitality business."

General Manager

Boutique Hotel

Downtown Vancouver