Hospitality Industrial Relations (HIR)

Hospitality Industrial Relations (H.I.R.) is an employer's organization representing approximately 100 unionized hotels, pubs, private membership clubs, restaurants and golf courses in British Columbia.  H.I.R. originated as an arm of the British Columbia Hotel's Association.  Its role was solely focused on acting as the bargaining agent for B.C.H.A. members in collective agreement negotiations.  In 1987, H.I.R. was incorporated as a society and since then has maintained a status independent from the B.C.H.A.

Since its inception, H.I.R. has gradually expanded the scope of services available to its membership.  These services now fall within the general categories of collective agreement negotiation, the provision of advice regarding all aspects of collective agreement administration, education seminars, advocacy at the Labour Relations Board, as well as advocacy through the grievance procedure and arbitration hearings.